Personal Growth Through Humanitarian Service

The power and impact of the work is that those who come to serve show up fully, as they are, with a willingness to give, to grow, and to be transformed through service to others.

Heart Of The Work

Vanessa Stone offers discourses and retreats to communities around the globe, inspiring a vital relationship with the Source of Life and a natural devotion to a path of engaged spirituality, discovering as Gandhi said, ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ For a calendar of upcoming offerings with Vanessa, click here.

Meet the Founder

Vanessa Stone is a humanitarian leader for peace sharing a deep message of unity and service. She is an educator, artist, healer and author inspiring countless individuals and communities to cultivate sustainable peace within and without.

Vanessa has had a flourishing teaching and healing practice for over 15 years. Her offerings embrace the whole of our humanity. They are non-dogmatic, practical and potent, an invitation to deepen in relationship with the very nature and essence of life that animates us all.

Origins of Amala

In 1998 Vanessa started a school for consciousness and healing  in Austin, Texas. This course of study included serving others, and a group assignment to serve local children soon became a thriving children’s camp. Camp Indigo has since grown to be a celebrated annual Austin experience that has served hundreds of youth in heart-centered community.

Vanessa founded the Amala Foundation, formerly known as the Foundation for Divine Consciousness, in 2001, realizing the vital component of humanitarian service in the larger picture of personal and collective health. Recognizing that sustainable peace begins within, Amala was created to contribute to a peaceful, equitable and compassionate world by unifying communities in humanitarian service and inspiring youth to lead with a heart-centered global perspective.

The Service Work

At the Amala Foundation we practice a quality of humanitarian service that is given free of expectation and attachment. We show up willing to grow and be impacted. Regardless of background, we approach one another as brother and sister, human to human. We come with undefended hearts, knowing that vulnerability catalyzes true transformation.  As a volunteer, we ask that you show up fully — as you are — with a willingness to give, to grow and to be impacted.  This is an opportunity for personal growth and to live from a place of gratitude…  gratitude for all that you have been offered in this life.  This is an opportunity to give what you want the most.

Through our humanitarian service projects, you can experience an environment that is created to work in unity and equality with a deep and loving consideration of the whole.  Each of our youth programs is an opportunity to rediscover and remember our true nature, to explore the condition of our hearts and meet the clear reflection of ourselves in the eyes of the youth we serve.  Each service opportunity offers us an extraordinary healing environment, intentional and focused, transformational for all who come to serve and be impacted.

At the Amala Foundation, we recognize that the most direct way to experience a fuller life is to serve others.  We unite those seeking more meaningful lives with those in great need by channeling this inspiration into humanitarian service projects that matter.  Join us and impact the world from within.

The Teaching Work

Vanessa shares her message within a global community, through public teaching, apprenticeship programs, residential immersions, retreats, international humanitarian service, art and writing. The wisdom of this work is in waking to a deeper, more purposeful life. Events with Vanessa are a celebration of remembrance, recognition and gratitude. Her guidance, compassionate listening and unwavering devotion support many in having direct contact with what is real and alive at the heart of life.

The Message

Vanessa’s work serves as a potent invitation to awaken to the gift of Life…to receive life as the spiritual path itself, to fully engage with life as it is being offered right now…to receive the gift of suffering as a powerful and intelligent blessing, calling us back to the truth of life…to realize God through our humanity…to radically redefine the purpose of this life, so that we may truly live for the soul.

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