Young Artists in Service to communities in need.

The Young Artists in Service program works to create opportunity for inspired young artists from our One Village Project to deepen into the spirit of service by engaging their communities through art.

Young Artists In Service

Young Artists in Service is a group of youth, inspired to lead other youth in expressive arts as a means to personal insight, fellowship, and community service.  The participating youth are mostly comprised of Peace Leaders from the Global Youth Peace Summit and One Village Project.  These amazing youth serve their community by creating inspiring murals around Austin and providing free art lessons (every other Sunday) to under-served children at places like the Hope Farmer’s Market and the Amala Foundation Community Center. The program is led by gifted artist and teacher Jean-Pierre (JP) Verdijo. The youth of the Young Artists In Service program have completed beautiful and uplifting murals at Casa Marianella, a shelter for immigrants in Austin as well as more recently at the Austin Children’s Shelter.  To see a video of these inspired youth in service to their community at the Austin Children’s Shelter click here.  If you know of any potential mural spaces in Austin, please contact JP Verdijo at


Our Partners

The Amala Foundation would like to thank Jerry’s Artarama who is a vital supporter of the Young Artists In Service Program.  Through this partnership and the generosity of Jerry’s Artarama, the youth of the Young Artists In Service program have been able been able to bring their love of art to communities in need across the city.  Thank you, Jerry’s Artarama; we appreciate your support.

We Need Your Support

The Young Artists In Service program is currently trying to raise money for their next mural in Austin.  It costs approximately $1,800 to complete a mural.  For more information on the Young Artists In Service program and how you can get involved, please email JP Verdijo at

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Wish List

  • Art Supplies
  • Mural Opportunities – Have a wall that needs love?  Contact us at
  • Grant Writer/Researcher
  • Photoshop Expert/Designer
  • Computer/IT Support

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At the Amala Foundation, we recognize that the most direct way to experience a fuller life is to serve others. We unite those seeking more meaningful lives with those in great need by channeling this into humanitarian service projects that matter like Young Artists In Service.

Austin’s Children Shelter Mural

Last December, over the course of two weeks, youth and volunteers from the Young Artists in Service Program created a beautiful and inspiring mural at the Austin’s Children Shelter.  Prior to creating the mural, the youth and volunteers gathered with the children of the shelter to connect and get a feel for their stories, hopes, fears, concerns and dreams.  The result of this sharing was a mural that brings happiness, joy and hope to the children of the shelter everyday.  To get a glimpse into this beautiful experience, please take a look at the slideshow we created below.  The Amala Foundation is currently looking for other opportunities in Austin to create inspiring murals.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact JP Verdijo:

Young Artists Media/Press

Jean Pierre Verdijo, director of Young Artists in Service, was recently interviewed for Bread for the Journey in an episode called Igniting the Fire of Creative Service. To listen to the interview please click here.


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